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Why Choose Geothermal?
Here are three important reasons to choose a Geothermal Solution to heat and cool your cottage, home or business.
Clean. Clean -- A Geothermal Solution reduces reliance on fossil fuels by using the natural energy of the Sun. A NextEnergy geothermal heat pump system installed in an average-sized home to replace a traditional energy source heating and cooling system reduces fossil fuel emissions by the equivalent of taking two cars off the road, or planting an acre of trees.
Renewable. Renewable -- A Geothermal Solution makes use of the Sun's energy - a virtually limitless, accessible resource that is absorbed every day by the ground and water.
Efficient - Make an investment in long-term savings by switching to a Geothermal Solution and save up to 70% on your yearly heating and cooling costs.
Operating costs based on 2004 energy prices and a typical 2000 sq. ft. Ontario house with 4 occupants
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