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How Does Geothermal Work?
Half of the energy from the Sun that hits the Earth every day is absorbed by the ground and water. The result is that the ground remains at a constant temperature of between 10°C and 15°C all year round at a depth of about six feet below the surface. Lake and pond water, at depth also remains at a relatively constant temperature year round. A NextEnergy system is able to capture this energy and put it to use.
A geothermal system consists of a geothermal heat pump unit, generally located in the basement of a house, which is connected to a loop that is buried in the earth or in a lake or pond. Water circulating through the loop pipe absorbs the heat from the ground and takes it back into the house.
Horizontal Loop diagram
The geothermal unit concentrates the heat from outside and transfers it to air that is drawn through the unit and blows the warm air around the house using standard air ducts. Alternatively, the heat is distributed through pipes containing water for in-floor heating. In the summer, the process reverses. Heat is taken from the air in the house and put in the ground or water, which is now cooler than the air.
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